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You Were There_July 2023_Volume 1_Issue 1

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“MISSION“Our mission is to honor the hero by serving the family, agency, and community.”“MISSION“Our mission is to honor the hero by serving the family, agency, and community.”Welcome to our inaugural issueNews about the impact our Members and Supporters make for our Survivor familiesYou were there at the 2023 Heroes Tribute GalaOur sponsors, members and supporters make this special event possible!Eric Johnson | Execuve DirectorEven though this is the rst edion of You Were There, we want you to know that you have “been there” again and again and again.July 2023 | Issue 1 | Volume 1News & Information for our Members and SupportersYou Were ThereYou Were There“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life fo his friends.”John 15:13In fact, you are Supporng Heroes!    would not be anywhere.     -teers respond to a tragedy, you are there with us. And whenever we present a check or provide af-tercare, we make it clear that it is made possible by the generosity -cipient’s loved one, along with cit-izens who respect and appreciate Again, we would be nothing with-out you.From the beginning, we have sought the balance of keeping our members and supporters in-formed about what they make possible – but without doing any-what is most important. In the wake of a trage-dy, the fo-cus MUST remain on the hero who has giv-her family, and the impact on the agency and community. Our mission is to honor the hero by serving the family, agency, and community. We strive to direct from it. We come to give, not to receive.        serves, we generally decline. In the rare instances when we have agreed to a story, it has been with      --But while we have maintained the proper public posture, we have failed to inform you about all that you make possible. For that, we are truly sorry. We promise to do We hope you will peruse this   You Were There and take comfort in know-    -stances. Indeed, you have been there again and again and again.  ... again and again and again

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The last few years have been dicult for everyone, but especially for rst responders.In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw riots break out over the death of George Floyd and more locally, the death of Breonna Taylor. In a world that had already seen increased animosity against law enforcement, we saw mobs         -sonnel simply because of the uniforms they wore.   our courthouses, breaking -     and anything that could be thrown. And, ran toward the danger instead of running away – as most others did.   more lethal as COVID swept through the       deaths within our service area (Indiana, -sult of COVID.As is detailed elsewhere in this issue, the     to support the families of those who fall as a result of duty.When the pandemic hit and most of the     faced the new danger head-on     even in the midst of increased violence, generally and also that which is directed at       go wherever it is that people need help.For these and so many other reasons, they deserve our utmost respect and support even more.It is not cliché to say that you are there       respond. We simply could not do any of what we do if we did not have members and supporters like you there with us. So when we say “You were there,” we re-ally mean it. And we are so very thankful to have you alongside us.We thank you for being there and look HEROES MOBILEGet our App for LODD nocaons and moreWith our new mobile app, you can select the types of informed about your Download HEROES MOBILEUPCOMING EVENTSJuly 21-23 EMS Weekend of HonorAug. 22, Sept. 5 & 28:  First Steps ClassSept. 10:  Memorial Stair ClimbSept. 11: Steel Technologies Sept. 11: Sept. 30: Ohio River Cruise for SurvivorsSept. 30: Local 3945 Sound The Alarm 5KOct. 13:2594 Golf Scramble Oct. 21: Missouri 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb GET OUR APPMike Burns, JD | Chairman – Board of Trustees2You Were There “It is not how they died that made Deputy John Durm  LAST CALL: Monday, July 10, 2023Sergeant Heather Glenn  LAST CALL: Monday, July 3, 2023Trooper Aaron Smith Indiana State Police LAST CALL: Fireghter Lloyd Ruediger  LAST CALL: Sunday, June 26, 2023Assistant Chief Kyle Osgood  LAST CALL: Thursday, May 25, 2023 Deputy Caleb Conley  END OF WATCH: Monday, May 22, 2023“DANGER always have, they ran toward the danger ...”“DANGER always have, they ran toward the danger ...”MOST RECENT FALLEN HEROESVISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: 

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Brian Zinanni | Survivor Outreach Coordinator and State Director – Missouri For two weeks in May, You Were There with 34 families from our service area (Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri) as they witnessed and experienced our naon honoring their re and law enforcement heroes.     in Emmitsburg, Maryland, and you were there with law enforcement families in Washington, DC. (EMS -morial service in Arlington, Virginia, Ensuring that the family members         - funded approximately $100,000 in support for immediate police - when their loved one was honored. Each family would have had to ex-     not for you. Some survivors would not have been able to do so. (This You were there in spir-it as families boarded planes, trains, and automobiles to begin their travels. (Serious-were there in person as families arrived at the hotels – ner-vous, anxious, and uncertain. Many commented how nice it was to see familiar faces when they arrived. You ensured the check-in process was seamless, and you assured them that you would be there to      were able to meet other survivors from across the United States, they quickly learned how precious your -edly about how they had met sur-vivors from other states who     following the loss of their hero. Many had to make their own travel plans and personally fund all their own travel. Throughout      repeatedly how fortunate they are to have the support you provide.You also provided a around-the-     ride to the drug store, a ride to din-ner, to get pancakes in the middle of the night, or even to see a na-Whenever they needed you, you  to go home, you personally escort-ed them to the airport and … uh … You were there every step of the way. From planning travel, giving guidance in registering, sharing -ly – to receive the many, many hugs in the hotel lobbies. You were there! 3July 2023 | Issue 1 | Volume 1them heroes ... it is how they lived.”Paramedic Kurt Mathews  LAST CALL: Thursday, May 4, 2023Correcons Employee Michael Keel  END OF WATCH: Wednesday, April 12, 2023Detecve Mason Grith  END OF WATCH: Sunday, March 12, 2023Trooper James Bailey Indiana State Police END OF WATCH: Friday, March 3, 2023Deputy Asson Hacker  END OF WATCH: Thursday, March 2, 2023Ocer James Muhlbauer  END OF WATCH: Wednesday, February 15, 2023MOST RECENT FALLEN HEROES“$100,000“in support for ...  service ...”“$100,000“in support for ...  service ...”

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4You Were There to ensure that you knew and were re-sponding. When you arrived at the University of Kentucky Medical Center,     -cort you immediately inside to meet with agency lead-ers and then the family. You had learned on your way there that the young deputy had tragically died from his wounds.Another brave hero had been senselessly gunned down in a scenario that        -cause of your experience in dealing with such tragic incidents, the    strength of the members standing along-side you, you were there and equipped to provide valuable guidance and assis-tance.Over the following days, you remained there and helped in every way you could.You were there as Deputy Conley was transported to the Kentucky Medical Ex-When the call came on May 22nd that a Sco County, Kentucky, Sheri’s Deputy had been shot and crically wounded, you dropped what you were doing and responded immediately. Dan Durham | Treasurer – Board of Trustees and Memorial Team Member(Counter-clockwise from top right):A special law enforcement caisson carries Deputy Conley to his nal place of rest.The honor guard inspects the folded ag before it was given to Sheri Hampton for presentaon to the family.Mourners hold candles in remembrance of Deputy Conley.Ocers salute Deputy Conley as he was carried from the funeral and taken to the hearse.-connued on page 6

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5July 2023 | Issue 1 | Volume 1 ... in Farmland, Indiana CONTACT USERIC JOHNSON Execuve DirectorEricJohnson BRIAN ZINANNI Survivor Outreach Coord. State Director - MissouriBrianZinanni TRINA JOHNSON Oce AdministratorTrinaJohnson JENNIE HIRTZEL Communicaons ManagerJennieHirtzel TRACY INSKO MembershipTracyInsko  Memorial Team helped honor the life, service and WDRB-TV in Louisville, Kentucky, aired a story about how Supporng Heroes works behind-the-scenes to help render ulmate honor for ulmate sacrice. WATCH HEREWHAT DO YOU THINK?Let us know your thoughts about:• How we are doing in general• Any feedback is welcome!We would love to hear from you!E-mail us at Info@ Suppor You went to the morgue at the Muncie hos-pital where deceased Assistant Chief Kyle Osgood was being taken and where you knew      You also sent a colleague to the hospi-     medical helicopter.No one wants to meet under such cir-cumstances, but you and your colleagues       like this. And when the Fire Chief asked, “What do we do now,” you had answers.     walked family, and the families of Kyle And Zach.In Fort Wayne, you helped arrange and pay for hotel rooms for family members, and you set up an account at the hospital cafeteria to cover their meals. In doing so, you enabled Zach’s family to remain When the response to an early morning re in Farmland, Indiana, led to a horrible accident that resulted in the line-of-duty death of one reghter and the crical injury of another, you were one of the rst to be called — and you responded immediately.Mark Voskuhl | Assistant Team Leader, Memorial Team-connued on page 7 ... in London, Kentucky

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6You Were There SCOTT COUNTY, connuedYou were there as a 24-hour guard was posted and then remained in     to rest over a week later.     assistance to the family to ease the      “downpayment” on your promise that the days, weeks, and months ahead.You were there to provide guidance and supplies for a Candlelight Vigil that brought hundreds of George--gether with the family and agency on the courthouse square to share their grief and help one another heal from such a brutal crime.   Heroes Memorial Team was deployed, you con-    team members worked long hours to plan and co-ordinate the rendering of ul-his family, friends, and community.You were there as approximate-ly 500 vehicles containing nearly    community leaders, friends, and family came to pay respects and honor a hero.You were also there as the horse- drawn caisson carried Deputy Conley         -forcement honors were rendered.  -the agency through the challenging       long into the future to assist in ev-ery way you can. Your commitment to the mission of     the loved ones they leave behind is you respond. Thank you for being there when tragedy strikes. OUR PARTNERS SUPPORTING HEROES“CONTINUE  to be there long into the future ...”“CONTINUE  to be there long into the future ...”Clayton 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb — September 10, 2023ENTERPRISE CENTER | ST. LOUIS, MOThis year’s Clayton 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb REGISTER HEREMissouri 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb — October 21, 2023THOMAS JEFFERSON STATE BLDG. | JEFFERSON CITY, MO9/11 heroes took to save others.          REGISTER HERELocal 3945 Sound The Alarm 5K — September 30, 2023MADISON PIKE | INDEPENDENCE, KYREGISTER HERE

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7July 2023 | Issue 1 | Volume 1“PROMISE“It was the downpayment on your promise to be  the funeral.”“PROMISE“It was the downpayment on your promise to be  the funeral.”-den of lodging and meals while far away from home.Back in Farmland, as the depart-ment and Osgood family started planning his funeral, you were there as well. You were invited to the fu-neral home as the family met to make plans, and you were able to -family members didn’t know which way to turn.You asked the family about their wishes and those of their fallen hero, and you explained that you could help make those things hap-pen. Whether it was a full-honors line-of-duty funeral or a private fam-      walk alongside them and help turn their wishes into reality. While there, you pre-sented Assistant Chief Osgood’s wife with a $5,000 check. It was the downpayment on your promise to be there to support her and her fam-Memorial Team when full honors and their assistance were request-ed, and the planning began. With a team deployment already under-knew the request would stretch resources. But you knew that once the need was known, team mem-bers would come to do what need-ed to be done. You helped plan and coordinate all aspects of the funeral, such as Pipes and Drums, Honor Guards, Medical Helicopter Flyover, Bell Ceremony, Last Call, and more. Your    about the details so de-partment personnel were free to grieve the loss of their brother. As you did,      -turned to Farmland to help with          there for the family over the days, weeks, and months ahead. And       -ted to take immediate family mem-support them while they are there.Truly, you were there, and you will  FARMLAND, connuedWe thank our partners who raise funds to further our mission! Whether you hold a golf event, stair climb, or other fundraiser, your support is essenal to our ability to respond to tragedies and support families. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HEROES!10th Annual 9/11 Memorial Golf Scramble — September 11, 2023TRADITIONS GOLF CLUB | HEBRON, KYCLICK TO PLAY/SPONSORClarksville Fire Department Local 2594 Golf Scramble — October 13, 2023WOODED VIEW GOLF CLUB | CLARKSVILLE, IN      CLICK TO PLAY/SPONSORTHANK YOU!Jeanne BlakeFranklin CarrollKevin DewCLICK A NAME TO DONATEWe appreciate these Facebook fundraisers!Closest- to-PinHole-in-One ChallengeLongest Drive50/50 RaeLUNCH

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You Were ThereOUR MISSION IS TO HONOR THE SERVICE AND SACRIFICE OF PUBLIC SAFETY HEROES WHO GIVE THEIR LIVES IN THE LINE OF DUTY -- BY CARING FOR THE LOVED ONES THEY LEAVE BEHINDFOLLOW USBECOME A MEMBEREric Johnson | Execuve DirectorIt goes without saying that the last three calendar years were parcularly dicult for our naon and the world. ... during the pandemicIn the U.S., hundreds of thou-sands of lives were lost as a result of the pandemic.responders were among the hard-   -ers can mask up, glove up, gown up, or even suit up while en route to a call. But in many others, they go from calm to crisis or calm to combat without warning, there-    displaced during a rescue, strug-gle, or other extreme physical ac-Recognizing the seriousness of this new danger, the nature of what      -    when someone contracted the ill-       -decision to make. Do we adopt the federal guidelines and provide     proof of origin or decline to cov-er COVID deaths at all like many state and local governments, and     made sense for us to require proof of origin or not cover COVID at all. But our mission is to honor those and to stand behind them during      did as well.The impact of our decision was -nancially. But we stand behind our decision and hope you agree that it was the right thing to do.To illustrate: Prior to the pan-demic, there were an average of 17.5 line-of-duty deaths per year in our service area – Indiana, Ken-tucky, and Mis-souri. From 2020 through 2022, the annual average rose     the pre-pandemic level.Through it all, you were there. In-stead of a response every 21 days, you responded to a tragedy an av-erage of every 7 days – in many     -nancial relief a family received. You helped render honors within    -     -als. You also purchased equipment and developed you did not have before – so those restricted from   the rendering of honors. Just like in so many oth--We cannot thank you enough.“SERVE“They chose to  So, we did as well.”“SERVE“They chose to  So, we did as well.”LODD17. 5Pre-Pandemic Average number of annual line-of-duty DAYS7LODD Frequency called to respond an average of every 7 days LODD52. 52020-2022 Line-of-duty deaths tripled during the pandemic